Our Telephone Audit and Savings Program

ProVista provides business telephone service nationwide with a focus on multifamily leasing offices and common area devices including elevators, pools and access call boxes. We conduct an audit of all your telecom related services, recommend a course of action to reduce expenses substantially and fully execute the plan on your behalf.


Conduct a detailed audit of all your phone services and uses
You provide us with basic information such as phone bills, the type of uses for phone service at your community, and the contact information for the service providers related to those uses and then we begin our analysis of matching of phone lines to uses. Some additional verification such as test calls and a few photos are involved and you can elect help us with that or we can provide on‐site resources at a cost.


Present the plan for savings and improved service
Once we have completed our analysis we will present you with a plan that shows what each phone line is currently being used for and your total current monthly cost. The plan then shows our recommended service plan for each phone line use including the proposed method of service, service provider and projected total monthly cost after execution of the plan. This plan is comprehensive and includes recommendations for each type of phone use even if we recommend a provider other than us.


Execute the entire plan on your behalf
Upon your approval of the plan we will execute the plan entirely or to the extent that you desire. We will complete a full installation of our own service including desk phones, elevators, pool phones and gates. If you like we will also implement recommendations for alarms, meters and other uses. We will manage the modification or cancellation of existing phone lines and coordinate/manage other service providers through the implementation process. This means that you do not have to waste time waiting on hold for your current phone provider or know the correct telephone terminology to achieve your objective when dealing with them.


Save 30%‐75% net
The amount our clients save varies based on a number of factors including how closely and well you (and your predecessor company if applicable) have managed the phone service. We reviewed and have available a representative list of 23 communities were we recommended savings averaging 62% or over $700 per month per community. That is over $200,000 annually and capitalized at a very conservative 7% represents
$2,900,000 in value.


For further information or if you would like to begin the audit process, please email us at sales@provistasolutions.com