ProVista Answering Service

Multifamily Oriented

Our focus is on serving multifamily community leasing offices. Our live answer and automated services are described in brief below.

Virtual Office

This is a fully automated answering service. Callers are directed to a full voice menu system and they have several options which may include: location/business hours, office and routine maintenance, emergency maintenance, and courtesy officer.

It is important to note that the caller chooses whether or not their call is treated as an emergency/urgent call. Callers are given the option to leave a message that will be responded to during regular business hours, or they may choose to have their call paged out by our automated system as an emergency.

Live Answer

Calls are answered by a live agent who is able to gather information from the caller in the first instance. Agents will then check the Dispatch List for the property and determine whether or not the call is considered urgent.

If the agent determines that the call is not urgent they will take the callers details and email them through to the appropriate party.

If the agent determines that the call is urgent in nature, then the agent will begin calling the on-call staff and escalate as necessary.

Live answer can also be combined with automated answer — this helps to reduce agent minutes. For instance, a small voice menu can be inserted before the call goes to the live agent. The caller will be given the chance to leave a non-urgent voice message or to press ‘1’ in order to be directed to a live agent (if their matter is urgent).

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